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Professional requirements: mechanical design and manufacturing and related majors

Job requirements

1. With a sense of responsibility, hard working;
2. Good at expression and communication;
3. Bachelor degree or above, mechanical engineer or related majors, mastering AUTOCAD, Pro/E and other design software;
4. Outstanding academic results, able to graduate on schedule and obtain academic award and certificate;
5. Good health, no bad habits.

Wages and Benefits:

1. The company implements 8-hour work system as specified by the country; the overtime work will be paid according to national regulations;
2. Providing employees with special training expenses according to the company's work needs, such as outsourcing training and study abroad;
3. Provide health examination, food subsidies, holiday comforts and other benefits for each employee;
4. Paying the basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, housing fund and so on for employees.

Please call or send resume to the following e-mail if your are interesting.

Company Address: Plain County Economy, Dezhou City

Contact: Manager Zhang

Tel: 0534-8107886 18605348866