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China's agricultural machinery and then starting the next golden decade

Since the founding of New China, the state has given much attention to agriculture. If the first tractor was produced from China's first tractor, China's agricultural machinery industry has also enjoyed nearly 60 years of history. But I must admit that in this not too long but not too short of time, China's agricultural machinery industry in the previous most of the time, you can use "slow development" to describe.
Time came to reform and opening up, China's agricultural machinery industry began to enter the rapid development of channels, especially the purchase of agricultural subsidies for the past decade, but also by the industry as the "golden years of agricultural machinery industry." It is true that since the state started the large-scale implementation of the purchase subsidies for agricultural machinery in 2004, the development of China's agricultural machinery industry makes it very rapid.
Look at a group of numbers. In 2004, the total output value of China's agricultural machinery industry was only 82.03 billion yuan, while the profits were even less pitiful, less than 2.3 billion yuan. However, in 2013, the total output value of agricultural machinery industry was nearly 380 billion yuan while the profit was more than 26.0 billion yuan yuan. In 2013, the output of large and medium tractors in China was four times that of a decade ago, and the annual output of combine harvesters increased by 335% in ten years.
As a result, China's overall agriculturalization rate has been boosted from 34.3% a decade ago to nearly 60% in 2013, while the rural urbanization rate in our country has been greatly accelerated. The share of agricultural workers dropped from 46.9% in 2004 to 2013 Less than 30% of the year, the urbanization rate of over 50%, food production, farmer income "eleven consecutive increases."
Visible, China's agricultural machinery in the past decade, can be described as earth-shaking changes, known as the "Golden Year" is not an exaggeration. However, there is another fact that we have to admit: rapid development over the past decade has also left grief and regret over China's agricultural machinery industry.
Look at a group of data. Although the agriculturalization rate in our country has reached 59%, it is only limited to the key links of key crops. However, compared with the mechanization rate of over 90% in developed countries, there is still a big gap between the use of tractors in our country for every thousand square kilometers Just over 400, equivalent to only one-third of EU countries and one-sixth of South Korea.
Even more heartbreaking is that although China's tractor holdings of more than 20 million units, but not less than 2% drag, more than 80 horsepower tractor share is less than 1%, while the middle and high end of the product , The proportion of local enterprises also less than 1%. The lack of high-quality products is an indisputable fact. This has also caused the dependence on foreign food in our country less than 5% in previous years and has risen to over 10%.
In order to meet the food demand of a growing population, China's agricultural machinery industry has enjoyed a rapid development over the past decade. In the ensuing food defense war, China's agricultural machinery market is still in high demand, but we rely on Traditional low-end products to increase food output, will pay a higher price, such as pesticides and fertilizers, a lot of waste. Therefore, the future market demand in China will be more inclined to high-end agricultural machinery products.
The development of high-end, which is also the voice of the industry for many years, but in the end how to develop high-end, the current difficulties facing our enterprises where? How to solve these dilemmas? What is the direction and way of high-end? Is to imitate the international advanced experience, or independent innovation? It seems that these issues have never really been discussed seriously, not to mention the next golden decade of China's agricultural machinery how to go.
Looking to a deeper level, China is a big country with a population of over 1.3 billion people. In the international community, there has also been an argument that "who will feed China". Whether or not the argument is correct, the issue of Chinese people's eating is a big issue. How are we? With as little input as possible, to get as much food as possible, this is a problem that we have to face, and the problem can not always be solved externally.
If we say that the last golden year was the "remedial period" for agricultural machinery in China, it was only a simple liberation of the labor force. In the ensuing golden decade, does it mean that we have reached the "transition period" The real golden decade?
Of course, many problems need to be solved. The next golden decade is also a recognized trend in the industry. At the handover points of the two golden years, it is necessary for us to summarize the road we have taken in the past, what has been gained and what we have achieved and regret? It is also necessary to explore the future of the road how to go, what are the directions and ways?
Based on this, we are going to launch an industry forum with the theme of "starting again with China's agricultural machinery and pursuing the next golden decade". This forum will be named "China Agricultural Machinery Industry Forum" with abbreviation "CAIF2014". If not Remember, you can call it "fortune" (pinyin is very similar). The reason why "high-end" is not because we have invited more senior leaders but brings together a group of thoughtful farm machinery entrepreneurs and industry experts to discuss the way to go in the future. This "high" can be "far-sighted" meaning. Of course, we did invite some senior leaders in the industry, except that these leaders are "respected" and the view is that "there is room for improvement."
This forum is the second one after 2013, and we hope this forum can become a communication platform to promote the progress of the industry. Therefore, in order to enable more extensive exchanges, we have also spent a lot of time and energy in preparing for various exchange methods such as "Agricultural Machinery Entrepreneur Salon", "Round Table Forum", "Popular Science Night" and "Theme Forum" .
Let's get together in Tianjin to discuss "how to start a new farm in China?" How to "dream the next golden decade"?