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Ministry of Agriculture: The Five Major Problems in Agricultural Development Can not be underestimated

Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said at a forum on agricultural and rural economy recently that the current reform and development of agriculture and rural areas in our country are facing some new situations. The five major issues can not be underestimated, and we must pay close attention to it.
The first is that natural disasters can not be underestimated. The Ministry of Agriculture predicts that this summer's meteorological disasters will coincide with the pattern of droughts and floods and require all localities to tighten their harvests to win the harvest of this meteoric rise. They will base themselves on preventing catastrophes and catastrophes, early deployment and early deployment.
According to the forecast of China Meteorological Administration, the second half of the world may occur above El Nino middle. Cold and rainy autumn in southern China, the early frost in northeast China is relatively large in advance, northern winter wheat may also be a drought in autumn and winter, will affect the formation of autumn grain yield and autumn and winter production. Rice "relocated" pests, rice blast, corn borer, armyworm, potato late blight and other migratory, the occurrence of major pests and diseases also have great uncertainty.
Followed by the challenges of the agricultural market can not be underestimated. Han Changfu said that from the market price, the overall weakness of the agricultural products market this year, most of the prices of agricultural products showed a downward trend, to a certain extent, affected the enthusiasm of farmers. Downward pressure on food prices is still large, stocks are at historic highs, the new grain may appear after the market focus on selling difficult phenomenon.
Once again, the risks to the quality and safety of agricultural products and major animal epidemics should not be underestimated. Han Changfu pointed out that in the second half of the year, there will be a concentrated season for the listing of agricultural products and a peak season for consumer spending, as well as a period of high incidence of animal diseases, ensuring even greater quality and security.
In addition, the complexity of promoting rural reforms can not be underestimated. According to Han Chang-fu introduction, the current enthusiasm for promoting rural reform in various places is very high, but there are also some signs of sexual problems. For instance, in the aspect of rural land system, progress has been made in the registration and certification of contracting management rights, some of which have been overdone and others have been waiting to see and wait. Some places are pursuing the scale and speed of land transfer in one-sided manner, forcing orders and setting targets and even playing a few places Under the banner of reform, the acquisition of farmland at a low price will take more share of the cultivated land.
Finally, the difficulty of continuing to increase peasants' income can not be underestimated. From the family-run income, migrant workers wages and other peasant income related composition, this year's income situation is not optimistic.